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Anglo-Afghan war - Feb, 19 2022 TMWWBK

Last Saturday my friends played a battle of the Anglo-Afghan war using Osprey's TMWWBK rules set.

Miniatures are 28mm. Afghan troops are painted by Alberto while English forces are prepared by Ivano. 

Below two pics to anticipate the high painting quality level of my mates

Ezio prepared the scenario. The objectives are easy. English troops receives a point for any units will go out of the north border while Afghans must block them. Rebels gain a point for each units they eliminate.

The initial set up

Ivano, English commander, starts to move his units on the right flank under the cover of a cavalry detach but ... 

... Alberto's Afghan warriors are in ambush and, after a few turns, they launch themselves against the lancers

The Afghan forces the cavarly to retreat.
English advances ...

Alberto launches his men in quick attacks that wear down the British while his cavalry is waiting for the right moment

The rebel forces destroy the last Lancers and after they tries to take the Union Jack but they are repelled

After ten turns ... only few units are deployed on the table

The English commander tries to reach the north corner of the table with two units while another one attacks the enemy cavalry

The English men are destroyed and Alberto used is artillery, his remaining infantry men to slow down while ... 

... Afghan cavalry arrives breaking down all last possibilities for the English commander. 

At the end of the day the Union Jack is down into enemie' hands

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