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The army of Carthage painted by Aurelian Leclerc

The army of Carthage was one of the most important and largest one of the ancient world. At the maximum of their expansion Carthage controlled part of the North Africa, the southern Iberian Peninsula, Sardinia and the Balearic Islands.

Below the army painted by my mate Aurelian that he use to win SAGA tournaments

Thanks to this expansion the army was transformed from a body of citizen-soldiers to a multinational force composed of a combination of allies, citizens and foreign mercenary units.

The army was composed by a lot of foreign troops ... Libyans, Numidians, Iberian, Gauls and Greeks. 

Numidian light cavalry was one of the most known unit used by Punic generals ... 

Infantry was formed by native carthaginian hoplite largely replaced by mercenary by the time of the First Punic war. 

Iberian warriors serving Carthage and were divided between scutarii (heavy infantry) and caetratii (light infantry)

In 247 BC the Punic Senate appointed Hamilcar Barca as commander in chief of his army.  He led the Carthaginian forces in Sicily during the latter stages of the First Punic War. He led a kind of guerrilia war against Romans. After the war he came back to home where he fought during the Mercenary war ... even if is masterpeace was the expedition in Spain to expand Carthage territories.

Hamilcar was the leader of Barcid family  and father of Hannibal, Hasdrubal and Mago.
Below his son Hannibal painted by Aurelian ...

Carthage army used a mix of chariots during first stage of his history ...

... and elephants during Hannibal age 

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