domenica 13 aprile 2014

Dbmm 2014 Torino

On April 12 and 13 my club ("La piccola armata") organized the annual Dbmm tournement. Unfortunately I could not be one of the partecipants but I took some pictures and I had the opportunity to know some other Dbmm players.

All the tournement details (ie rank, players, armies) can be find at the following address:

A picture of all the players in front of the building that houses the club

A quick overview of the different tables

As it is possible to see above. The tables and, consequently, the struggles were many. I concentrated my attention on two of them:
- Ming chinese vs Later Swiss


The battle was for all the time a pursuit by the Swiss army while the Chinese continued to hit the enemy with their artillery. At the end the Swiss reached the enemy but they lost the camp. 

- Ottoman vs Siamese
An overview of the initial movements 

the main struggle took place on the Ottoman right flank

At the end the battle was substantially a draw even if the two players decided to continue the fight after the regular time.

And finally the awards painted by one of the best painters of the club: Flavio

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