domenica 27 aprile 2014

Bolt action - first battle

Yesterday I played for the first time at Bolt Action. Ten of other club members started to play it times ago deciding to prepare their armies in 1/72 scale.

I had not read the rule book but only seen some battles fought by other. The rules are easy and thanks to the patience of Giancarlo I was able to play.

We chose a random scenario (ie maximum attrition). I led a group of German Afrika Corps against British paratroopers for 7 rounds.

Unfortunately for Africa Corps was a defeat with the destruction of a Stug III Ausf G and two infantry companies against a single British jeep.

The table and the scenic elements are prepared by Ezio and Flavio and they are amazing.
I took some pictures

Obviously I painted the Afrika Corps. It was the first time I prepared plastic 1/72 miniatures and after the game aI took a couple of other photos

2 commenti:

  1. Beautiful pictures, minis and terrain are really impressive!

  2. Thanks Phil. Miniatures are mine but the terrain and buildings are so impressive thanks to the work of other two club member.