martedì 16 settembre 2014

La Rocca Implacabile

On Sept 14, 2014 a local club (Vendemmiatori Implacabili) asked us to take part of a event called "La Rocca implacabile" [The implacable stronghold]

It was the first edition and the event collected different ideas: role play, card games, wargames and so on.

The event was organized in the old stronghold of Verrua Savoia. An historical site not very far from my home.  Some written documents report the existence of a fort in that area in the 10th Century, but only in the 14th century, with the Savoy dynasty, the fort was reinforced significantly. The fortress withstood several sieges, even if, the most important one was during the war of the Spanish Succession (1704)

The real fortress dimension till Napoleonic wars
Today, only a little part of the rock is possilble to visit (the higher levels of the pictures above)

We prepared a Napoleonic scenario

(I'm on the right while my partner on the left is Riccardo)

I painted all the miniatures while the terrains are a part of La Piccola Armata stocks. The events attracked a lot of people and we stayed all the day to ... ...

... to speak of Napoleonic tactics and history

... and to teach Black Powder

It was an opportunity to meet a lot of people and to explain them what means to be keen of wargame. But now a look to the base of our hobby: the miniatures

5 commenti:

  1. Ciao Mark,
    che dire, bellissimo luogo, bel tavolo da gioco, ottima pittura dei soldatini.
    Complimenti per l'iniziativa.
    A presto

    1. Grazie. In realtà l'iniziativa e l'organizzazione è di un altro gruppo (i vendemmiatori implacabili di Crescentino), noi abbiam solo partecipato. E' stato un bell'evento con moltissimi visitatori. Ovviamente la location e la splendida giornata hanno aiutato.

    2. Sicuramente anche i soldatini hanno fatto la loro figura.
      Un "Bravo!" ai vendemmiatori implacabili.

  2. Looks like a great event, a wonderful table (I love your Scotts!)...nice report!