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Garibaldi all'attacco - Dadi & Piombo - Summer 2015

I've just received the latest copy of Dadi & Piombo. This magazine is one of the most important Italian wargame publication.  Generally I don't speak of publication in my blog but this time it is an exception because one of my friends (and member of La Piccola Armata) wrote an article about the Italian independence wars.
Copyright P. Montinaro - Dadi&Piombo

The article is obviously in Italian and it is not my purpose to perform a summary. I’m writing these words only to introduce "Garibaldi all'attacco!". A wargame rule system created by Paolo. M. (the author of the article) related to the Italian independence wars. 

The Italian Risorgimento is a very interesting period but it is not well known by the majority of gamers. Paolo has written a simple system rules that is lean and well designed in particular for multiplayer games.

Copyright P. Montinaro - Dadi&Piombo - Miniatures by Alberto M.

Paolo and his team are been working on those rules for years  and, probably, by the end of 2015, it will be printed.
Last year it was organized a tournament in my club using this system and all the people who played were enthusiastic of the game mechanisms. 

Copyright P. Montinaro - Dadi&Piombo - Miniatures by Franco B.

This summer I played some scenarios and the next blogs I'll try to prepare a brief battle report.

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