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Volvera 2015 - Sept 26-27

In September my club was involved in “Volvera 2015 - Exhibition”. The event is annually linked to the Marsaglia battle reenact-  a battle fought in my region (Piedmont) at the end of  XVII century – but for 2015 edition the promoters asked us to present Waterloo battle.

Thanks to the preparation of Ezio (another club member) we recreate a part of the battle: D’Erlon’s attack.

The scenario is prepared for 28mm and requires around 500 miniatures.

During the real battle, D’Erlon’s attack was the French unlucky attempt to break Wellington lines repelled by English cavalry that arrived till French batteries.
We presented the scenario for two days and we played it twice with Black Powder rules.

Miniatures are all painted by me (French forces plus a couple of English battalions) and Alberto (all English cavalry, Dutch forces and the remaining English units).

In the first scenario we played, the French tried to create on the right the "grande batterie" to permit the break in the centre …

… unfortunately the French columns broke against Dutch units and English cavalry charged them ... French cuirassiers were too far.

In the second game, French artillery was deployed in the centre and the cuirassiers forced the Dutch to form squares …

… this time it is the English cavalry that arrived too late.

During the two days the weather was cloudy and the miniatures exhibition was in a building not in the centre of town so the numbers of visitors was limited. The event was the opportunity to play for a weekend and to see again some club members.

An now a couple of picts …

The Black Gordon waiting on the slope

Napoleon and part of his HQ

The KGL lines

French commanders

A special thanks to all La Piccola partecipants: Paolo M., Alberto M., Alberto F., Riccardo G.

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