sabato 29 ottobre 2016

WWII - various miniatures

Generally, my preferred miniature scale is 28mm but 1/72 are cheaper in particular if you are speaking of tanks, trucks and so on.

The following photos are different WWII miniatures 

This is a British QF 2-pounder. It was an anti-tank artillery and I prepared it for the African theather. It was used by British troops at least till 1942 and after replaced by a most powerfull calibre.

A couple of German motorcyclists. The bikes are BMW R75 and they were  used in Russia and Africa mainly as recce.

German paratroopers in action. In the first photo one of the soldier has a panzershreck: an 88 AT rocket luncher introduced in the late WWII. In the second-one photo there is a sniper with his partner.

Another German squad in action

A German HMG. It is a MG42 painted for AfricaKorps. One of the soldier has a white cap to indicate that he is a veteran. The desert sun was too strong that after a couple of months dresses and hats lost their original colors.

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  1. Wonderful pictures and job Mark! Love the painting and basing details, such of the wheel and the tree trunk on the first base...fabulous!