lunedì 2 aprile 2018

Bolt Action day 31, March 2018

Last Saturday some of my club mates decided to play a quick tournament using Bolt Action rules.

It was a Luca's idea to celebrate the Easter in this way and Luca did not organize only the games but, thanks to Flavio's buildings and Ezio's help, prepared the tables too. The players were: Giancarlo, Riccardo, Maurizio, Nevio, Bartolomeo and Valter. Maurizio won the tournament  but I'm writing this blog to show some pictures of the great miniatures my friends are able to paint. All miniatures are in 28mm.

Miniatures are important but without the right background they couldn't correctly valorized and for this job we have the correct person: Flavio

A look to a Carentan square and his ruined buildings

A trench details somewhere near Moscow

A Jungle ready to be the theatre for a struggle between Japanese and British troops

But, before to start the games ... two photos of some VIPs. Hitler and his entourage masterfully painted by Maurizio and ...

... two Nazi snipers ready for some propaganda magazines

Now some Germans painted by Bartolomeo

Commonwealth troops painted by Giancarlo

Riccardo Japanese forces

Two Valter's American observers

Nevio's British men

To end some pictures of Maurizio waffen SS and their tank support

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