venerdì 11 maggio 2018

Black Powder/Peter Dennis – Battle of Freeman’s Farms May 5, 2018

Last Saturday the “paperagazzi” played another battle using the miniatures drawn by Peter Dennis. This time they have decided to play the battle of Freeman’s Farm fought on Sept 19, 1777 between the English and the American forces.

This battle was part of the First Saratoga and it was a tactical victory of the British General John Burgoyne. Unfortunately, this success was totally erased by the American’s attack during the battle of Bemis Heights.

Ezio prepared the table and he adapted a scenario included into Black Powder base rule book.

Marco G., Antonio and Alberto had the control of the American troops while Ezio and Bartolomeo lead the British forces.

Ezio prepared also some simple schemes to recap the different phases of the battle

 British brigades arrive on the field and …

… they cross the little stream


Now it is time for the Americans to arrive and …

… they deploy their lines in front of the farm

The English troops open fire and the first casualties arrives


At the center of the field the struggle becomes ferocious and the American left wing withdraw


The English attack the rebel line on the flank but …

… the Americans resist

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