domenica 30 dicembre 2018

Red devils - Arnhem 1944

Some months ago I bought a box of Waterloo 1815 British paratroopers with pack howitzer. Last year I painted some 1/72 red devils but I was not completely satisfied of their faces so ... 
I painted again some of them and completed my bolt action army increasing it with some para companies.

The miniatures I bought are below

I have painted two howtizers and combined the miniatures to create two bases as the following-ones

One of the most important scenarios in which British paratroopers were involved during the WWII was Market Garden operation in 1944. During this battle do not partecipate only British troops but also some of their allies, in particular a Polish brigate … so ... why not to paint one of the officers with a grey basque?

I modified also a 1/72 Esci miniature that carried an injured man to create a kind of medic miniature

I took the idea from this original photo

Great part of the battle was fought near the bridge ...

… but also in the city and in the outskirts

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