lunedì 15 aprile 2019

The corner of the painter - Euroma 2019 painting competition

As I told more times I very proud to be part of a wargame club as "La Piccola Armata" because in the association you can find people that can help you to improve your painting skills and your historic knowledge.

I have to admit that I'm not a great wargame players because I have few time to dedicate to my hobby during week end but I try to paint every times I can.
In these years many people gave me advises to improve my painting abilities ... I remain an amatour painter indeed ... but I'm sure that without the friendship of Aurelian, Ezio, Flavio, Giancarlo, Ivano, Luca, Maurizio, Marco, Paolo, Riccardo and other club mates I'd have never reached the basic painting level I have.

Please note that I listed the names in alphabetic order and I hope not to forget someone ... if I did ... I'm sorry.

This very long and unusual speech only to tell that I’m very happy to write this post because one of my friend, Aurelian, took place to EUROMA 2019 winning two silver medals and the special award Kimera Models

Below all miniatures that  permit him to win a Silver medal for "display painting competition" …

… some details of the Joker

Below the second group of miniatures that won the second silver and the special award

But he is a good painter also for client commission … both for fantasy/SCI miniatures and

... for ancient periods

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