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Rebels and Patriots - February 23, 2019

Last month my club mates tested the new Colonial rule system published by Osprey: “Rebels and Patriots”. It was a long wait because the rule book was announced a year ago but, in my opinion, the new Osprey idea seems a good mix between The Men Who Would Be Kings and Lion Rampant. My mates played two games using some scenarios of the rule book.

Rebels and Patriots includes different unit types: line, light, shock infantry; skirmishers; natives; artillery; light and shock cavalry and different levels of upgrade for them: veteran, green, good shooters and so on.
Below some examples of line infantry with the miniatures in 28 mm painted by Ezio, Flavio and Giancarlo

In "Rebels and Patriots"  you can give orders to your units obtaining a 6+ with the dice and this standard value can be modified. Orders are the standard list: move, attack, fire, close order, rally, skirmish

The ability to resist damage in not linked to troop types but depends on the defence and cover value

I think all thing considered, it is an enjoyable game system that can be utilized with good results not only for AWI but also for French-Indian Wars as the games played by my mates can confirm

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