sabato 25 maggio 2019

... -Waterloo .. we are coming ...

Months ago Luciano (one of my club mates) asked us a strange question ... "why not to organize a great Napoleonic scenario using our 15mm miniatures?" 

At the beginning this sentence was considered by some of us a provocation but after some months of hard work I have to admit that the future can give us beautiful surprises.

A target of this kind can be reached only by a club in which every members can give his support ... so Ezio and Riccardo in these weeks started to study and  to create the table for Waterloo

Last week-end Luciano put some miniatures on a table to check the quantity of miniatures various club members (Aurelian, Filippo, Riccardo, Alberto, Maurizio, Marco and others) have prepared. He concentred his attention to German and Austrian troops so I took some pictures

Some Bavarians regiments

The same miniatures in combat against a group of Grenzers

Below other pictures of specific units my friends painted
Wurttemberg Cavalry

Bavarian Light Cavalry

Austrian Hussars (Hungarians)

Berg Regiment of Light Horse

Bohemian Landwehr

Reign of Naples (Settimo Real Napoletano)

Sassonian line infantry

Sassonian grenadiers

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