sabato 21 settembre 2019

Black Powder - test battle - Sept 14, 2019

In preparation to the next great battles my mates planned, Ezio and Luciano are working to recruit new club members can learn Black Powder 2.0 rules.

My friends are lucky because Filippo decided to join with them ... Filippo is not only a good player but also a great painter as his Prussian army can witness

The match organized by Ezio was a simple scenario in which a Peninsular English army (supported by some Portuguese regiments) had to give battle to a Prussian one

On the left flank the British regiments advance in a perfect line …

… while their allies move in columns of companies with skirmishers on the front

In the centre the Royal Highlanders's advance supported by the green jackets harassed by the Prussian Freikorps shots

The Portuguese units continued their progress with caçadores on the right but …

… the Prussian army is ready to welcome them

The English attack is strong and some Prussian battalion are force to repair into an old farm

The last part of the battle is a ferocious shooting without quarters

7 commenti:

  1. Beautiful armies, you're right (Congrats Filippo!) and great looking terrain as well, nice report Marco!

  2. What company (or who) made the old farm. I would like to get one for myself. Beautiful game and photos. You take photos from the correct angle (down low) to fully enjoy the figures and terrain. Thank you.