martedì 1 ottobre 2019

Paolo and Alberto Castelfidardo battle book

In the last years part of my club mates are involved to create new rule sets for wargame. Thanks to Paolo Montinaro's initiative and the help of many others ... Alberto, Davide, Emanuele, Valter, Francesco, Franco Be., Franco Bo., Massimo and Giovanni ... some years ago, Paolo published with Chillemi Editore his first wargame: "Garibaldini all'attacco!"

Garibaldini all'attacco! is a rules set inspired to Italian independence wars ... a period only partially explored by the wargamer players and for which Paolo and the other friends of mine studied the original documents till arriving two years ago to publish a new supplement.

Below the link to Chillemi Edition in which is possible to find Garibaldini all'attacco!

For this reason I wasn't surprised when Paul told me that, with Alberto Morera, they wrote a book on an Italian Independence wars episode: Castelfidardo Battle. Book with the introduction of another club members the university professor: Mr Alessandro Barbero

The battle was fought on Sept 18, 1860 between the Sardinan and the Papal armies. In that year, Cavour, the Prime Minister of Piedmont, sent an ultimatum to the Pope demanding that he dismiss his foreign troops. The Pope refused to execute Cavour's order and so Sardinian General Cialdini moved 35,000 men against him.
As result of the battle the Marches and the Umbria (two Italian regions) entered into the new Kingdom of Italy.

Below the link to Chillemi Edition in which is possible to find the book

Another proof that to be a wargamers it means not only to e a  good player but also a great  lover of the history

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