venerdì 20 dicembre 2019

Rapid Fire Nov 30, 2019

Some week end ago Maurizio and Ezio played another test game using Rapid fire. The idea is to test a new rules set for ww2 in alterative to Bolt Action.

Maurizio and Ezio painted a great number of pieces to play this scenario. The German army (the 130th  division Panzer Lehr) must counter attack an English infantry division placed in a Normady village. The Panzer Lehr had double points respect his enemy.

German units are painted by Maurizio while the English-ones by Ezio. Scenario and terrains prepared by Ezio.

This is not a real battle report but I kind of album of pictures to show the amazing miniatures painted by my two club mates with some brief reference to their game

Below the German HQ are discussing of the best way to reach the enemy

The panzer division is approaching to his objectives

The initial deployment

Maurizio placed his artillery near a hill starting with a preliminary bombardment

The Panzer Lehr starts his attack

The English troops try to defend their positions but …

… it is hard and the cathedral is taken by the German troops

Some English tanks try to destroy the German panthers but they have not luck and …

… they are forced to go back

At the end the battle is a German victory

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