giovedì 26 marzo 2020

News from the front Covid-19: Aurelian's SAGA new army

A lot of my club mates are using these days of quarantine to complete their armies ... as for example Aurelian. 

He is a professional  painter of miniatures and generally he work by commission for his customers but ... this time he completed his own army.

The army he painted to play is a Polish one for SAGA ... He painted a new war wagon and all the shields are hand made but ... A special mention for one of this shield

He decided to "remember" this scourge and these hard times every times he played with his army. The inscriptions on the shield is: year domini 2020 COVID while in the strip, in the middle of the piece, there are some dancing deaths (to remember the plague as was represented in the past).

The effect for his troops is this one

He painted also a new war wagon 

I'm waiting to see this new pieces "working" on a SAGA scenario

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