sabato 25 settembre 2021

Brandywine battle - Black Powder Sept 18, 2021

Last week my mates continued to play American Revolution war scenarios using Dennis’s paper miniatures.

This time they decided to play the Bradywine battle fought between American Continental and British army. On the morning of September 11, 1777 General Washington deployed his Continental troops along the banks of Brandywine Creek, close to Philadelphia.

He was sure to have secured all possible fords but, unfortunately, 15,500 British soldiers commanded by General Howe advanced under the cover of a heavy fog against his flank. General Green’s men counterattacked but the Continental Army was forced to retreat leaving the path open for Philadelphia.

In our battle, Ezio lead the Crown forces against the rebels commanded by Alberto and Federico.
English’s object is to break (or shaken) at least nine American units … In our battle the English division had to cross the river under the American’s attack. Fortunately, for the English commander, at the 8th turn a charge by a unit of light dragoons destroyed the 9th American units. As in the real histroy the vicotory is English

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