sabato 9 ottobre 2021

Italians vs Mahdist troops - TMWWBK October 2, 2021

Some weeks ago my friends played at the club a scenario using TMWWBK. This time they decided to play Mahdist vs Italian colonial troops. Mahdist were led by Ivano while the Italians by Jimmy.

All miniatures are 28 mm. Italians are painted by Nevio while the Mahdist are Ivano’s work.

Between 1881 and 1899 the Mahdist revolt spread and interested large African territories …  Sudan in particular.

Mahdist wars mainly involved British Empire but also the Kingdom of Italy. In 1894, Italy decided to take the control of Kassala conquering it from Mahdist only to come back in Eritrea after 3 years of occupation.

My mates played a simple scenario in which a group of Italian troops, involved in an exploration mission, were surprised by some Mahdist. The Italians try to find cover a small farm. After six turns only an Italian unit of marines keeps the control of the farm but with high loses.

At the end Mahdist win but a lot of his men will not come back to home

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  1. Italians vs Mahdists; this is a conflict I have not seen gamed before. Italians look terrific especially the sailors,