giovedì 14 aprile 2022

Colonial wars British Sudanese troops against Zanzibar's scum - April 9, 2022

Last Saturday my mates played another scenario set into the Africa ... my friends used English Royal troops against the Zanzibar's scum.

All minis are 28mm. British men are painted by Antonio ... 

... while the Africans are a Giancarlo's work

It was an easy scenario in which Giancarlo's men have to reach the opposite table side 

Antonio used all his power to avoid African's advance ... 
                                                                         ... a gatling gun of the Naval Brigate ...

... a 7 pounder ... 

... and the cavalry regiment 

But Zanzibar men and their allies are strong enough to continue their path

At the end ... the African tribes manage to break the English line even if they have suffered a lot of casualties

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