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Battle of Shevardino Sept, 5 1812 - May 2023

 Last week, to celebrate the May 5, my club mates decided to play a Napoleonic battle. The fight they chose is Shevardino battle. 
They used Black Powder by Warlord games as rule sets. Minis are 15mm painted by Alberto. Shevardino battle was fought during the Napoleonic Russian invasion in 1812.

French troops lead by Alberto, Luca and Marco. While professor Alessandro Barbero, Danilo and his son controlled the Russians. Ezio took the role of arbiter.

In the real batte. On the afternoon of the 5lh of September Napoleon decided to launch an attack on the Shevardino redoubt. He used the 5th Division of Davout’s I Corps were supported by Nansouty’s and Montbrun's I and II cavalry corps. 

Prince Andrei Gorchakov had the task of holding the redoubt. He mustered Neveroski’s 27th Infantry Division plus the 2nd Cuirassier Division, together with several regiments of dragoons, jagers and two squadrons of hussars.

Twelve thousand Russians would have to hold off nearly three times their number. 

They were in a badly situated position with high ground known as the Doronino hill overlooking them to the south west.
At the end, the French captured the redoubt, at a cost of 4,000 French and 6,000 Russian causalties. The small redoubt was destroyed and covered by the dead and dying of both sides.

Also in our game the battle result is a French decisive victory. The victory arrived only at the last turn after being conquered and retaken two times. 

It took us 4 hours to play the scenario. As usual it was a nice day of play.

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