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Foraging duty - Clash of Katanas May, 13 2023


Last week end my mates decided to play another match using Clash of Katanas. They decided to play a scenario from the main rule book: Foraging Duty (10.2).

The starting set up

Two armies are camped in the poximity of a fertile valley. While they wait the clash the armies need to be fed so their commanders decided to sent out some patrols on scavernging duty. The game started when two opposing patrols become in contact. 

On the table are placed two livstock herd tokens at 24" from table center.  The obj is to bring the herds into the camp. The unit or character takes the herd and the animals move directly away at base contact with him. For each herd that a player manages to get within 12" of their table edge, the enemy will gain a break point at the end of the turn. The opponent can cancel that break point by moving the sheep so that they are no longer full within 12" from the opponent table edge. If the player pushes an herd to touch his table edge, the herd is removed from the table and considered captured by the player. At the end of the turn, the enemy receives two break points for each herd that was captured. The game ends when a side breaks. 

My mates decided to deploy two armies: an Ikko Ikki patrol vs Tokugawa one. Riccardo leads Ikko Ikki while Antonio takes the Tokugawa.

Ikko Ikki is a very particular faction that can include an assassin. The Ikko Ikki army is formed by large numbers of highly motivated but poorly equipped peasants, supported by expertly trained and usually fanatical warrior monks.


The engagement phase ends when all tokens are in sight of the enemy…

Tokugawa moves his cavalry on the right while archibugers cover the left side 

Also Tokugawa may include into his list an assassin and a geisha but, for this fight, Antonio has decided not to deploy them. 

Riccardo launches his monks against the archiburgers covered by his men deployed in the center. On the left he send his warriors to take the first group of sheeps.

The first herd is for Ikko Ikki. 
Ikko Ikki 1 - Tokugawa 0

After some turns Tokugawa takes his herd too. Riccardo swings into action his assassin against Tokugawa's leader. Riccardo's assassin kills the enemy warlord and takes the sheeps he had captured before.
Ikko Ikki 2 - Tokugawa 0

Tokugawa leader is killed but the Ikko Ikki assassin is eliminated by his bodyguards 

A group of animals for each player
Ikko Ikki 1 - Tokugawa 1

The fight continues on the Tokugawa's left with the clash of archibugers vs monks

Tokugawa's cavalry tries to take the sheeps but it is repelled

The battle continues but at the end it is a draw

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  1. Beautiful looking table with fantastic scenery and of course, the figures are excellent too!