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Maxi Napoleonic scenario - Black Powder June 17, 2023

Last week end my mates organized a Black Powder game using a “maxi” table. Around 3,000 miniatures … table 480 x 150 cm … 16 Army Corps … 12 players.

It was not an historical scenario but it is inspired a post Lipsia battle ... around 1813. The idea was to create an event in which players could play a Napoleonic battle for fun with a great number of minis. The French are retreating and the Emperor is ill. 

All minis are 15mm. The Obj of the battle is easy: the Emperor, aboard his carriage, must cross the whole camp using the road on the edge of the French side. The Allies want to take him alive

For the first two turns of game the Emperor and the Guard has significant problems to move even if they can count on a 9 of discipline.

On the French right, two Corps face a Bavarian and Austrian one. The French launch their cavalry against Austrian units but they are not able to create an hole. 

A detail of a Barian unit approaching to the field and ...

... a French cavalry unit

On the French left, the Poles keep the Prussian troops at a distance. The Prussians continue to hammer the French line with rifle and cannon but the Poles hold the line.

The Old and the Young Guard are on the way

On the center Russian Corp try to create an hole and capture Emperor’s carriage but a fresh Napoletan force block them avoiding a catastrophic event.

A detail of a Cossack unit ... 

After 5 turns the French on the right break … Swiss troops try to support this battle side but they arrive too late.

At the 11th turn the Guard arrives laun
ching the cavalry against the first Austrian unit that try to block the Emperor. 

The match end with an Allies victory. 

Unfortunately, Guard's sacrifice is not able to avoid French army break. The Emperor is captured and sent to his exile to Elba island.

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