lunedì 23 dicembre 2013

French Commanders - Part 2

Last week I finally finished all my French officers and so I took some pictures.
A  French mounted colonel

A typical 1813-1815 senior officer wearing regular uniform with the waistbelt specified for mounted officer.
Other two cavalry officers

On the left a Carbineer and, of course, on the center a Dragoon. The cavalry suffered more than other corps for the loss of experienced aristocratic officer due to revolutionary purges. Napoleon worked very hard to recreate new officer staff dividing the cavalry in two different group: heavy (ie carbineers and cuirassiers) and light (ie dragoon). In the picture above there are a 10th  Carbineer Regiment and a 22nd Dragoon Regiment commanders

An Old Guard captain. This Corps was composed by veterans who had served three to five campaigns in Napoleon's army.

I painted an half dozen of officers, someone on foot and other mounted. But the pieces I prefer are the models below.
It is mainly a group of Perry miniatures. The originals are below:

[Copyrights Perry Miniatures]
A changed a bit the structure and so I created two different commands: a CiC with Napoleon and second with General Drouot.

The first is compsed by Drouot, an hussar ADC with 1815 uniform and a major 

The second base is the CiC: Napoleon, the bravest of the brave Marshall Ney, Marshall Soult, and  Colonel Gourgaud 

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