domenica 22 dicembre 2013

New Year … new projects

I insert into the blog some photos of my future projects hoping that in that way I’ll be more incentive to complete them.

The first project started after that Ezio M. has recruited some La Piccola members to prepare miniatures for French Indian wars scenarios. Thanks his usual skills he is coordinating four of us to  prepare a English/French regiment each.

My duty is to prepare La Sarre regiment.  The regiment was risen with Lorraine boys in 1756. It was sent to Quebec and participated to Fort Oswego and Fort William Henry siege. It served under the mythic Gen Louis de Montcalm during Battle of Carillon. Using other words … it was one of the force strongly involved into French Indian wars.

I have to prepare also some compagnies franche de la marine … another typical French-Indian wars peculiarity.  I was very surprised to understand that this force was created by Cardinal Richelieu in 1622.

Finally a dozen of Courriers de Bois and some civilians.  Totally 73 miniatures.

At today I finished 6 marines and three Indians. Last order (around 30 miniatures) arrived only four days ago … a Christmas present that I just received even if December 25 will from two days.

The second project  is a trip down memory lane … I started my hobby twenty years ago. My favorite period is the roman age so the first army I bought was a box of 15mm essex miniatures. I painted them … or better I thought to have painted them. The problem is that twenty years ago I had not the same ability to paint that now I have.
Last Sunday I decided to take the army again … and so I decided to re paint all the miniatures … around 300 pieces.

The target  for next year is to prepare a DBMM late imperial roman army. Casually last Saturday I assisted to a DBMM battle between a late imperial roman and a Tamerlan army.
I have a lot of Osprey publications for both  Roman and Byzantine period and I started to brush up the Notitia Dignitatum.

Presently I finished only four cornutii seniors auxilia. Now it remains 296 small pieces of lead ...

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