sabato 13 dicembre 2014

French Indian wars miniatures - a first look

One of my target at the beginning of the year was to paint the La Sarre regiment but, unfortunately, I have not finished yet my French - Indian wars miniatures.

At the present day I have finished 19 indians, 12 French fusiliers de marine and a couple of coureurs des bois.

About the lake indians Mr De Boungainville wrote "I see no difference in the dress, onaments, dances and songs of the various western nations. They go naked, excepting strip of cloth passed throught a belt". I tried to paint them as Huron warriors.

A group of Indians ready for a quick raid ...

... three different ways to paint the same miniature ...

... other Hurons in action

During the French - Indian wars the compagnies de marine represented a great part of French forces. Their experience in the colonies, the knowledge of the places and the help of their native allies made them skilled in the kind of frontier fighting typically of this war.

I prepared a group of six fusiliers de marine with their blue coats  ...

... and other six in white.

The coureurs des bois were the French settlers. They traded animal furs and during the  war they fought with the French forces

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  1. The figures are awesome! but the painting on these are suburb! The photos of the figures are gorgeous....thanks for sharing Mark!


  2. Really impressive, pictures are stunning, beautiful paint job on the figures!

  3. Un bellissimo tavolo da gioco, bei soldatini e ottima paesaggistica, Complimenti per tutto.
    Un saluto