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Lord of the Rings: Osgiliath

In December, thanks to the great work performed by one of my club's member, we played a Lord of the Rings scenario: Osgiliath

All miniatures of the pictures below and the entire scenario are handmade by Biagio. Only the miniature of Gothmog and four Minas Tirith knights are painted by other two club's members.

Game system: Games Workshop  Lotr [Siege of Gondor]

Miniatures scale: 28 mm

Battle setup:
Good forces 
1,000 points
Boromir captain of the White Tower
Faramir captain of Gondor 
2 Minas Tirith captains 
23 Minas Tirith warriors
3 Minas Tirith with banner
12 Osgiliath veterans
10 Minas Tirith knights
Frodo and Sam

Evil forces
1,000 points
1 Nazgul
2 Orc captains
6 Orc trackers
23 Mordor orcs
3 Orcs with banner
2 Trolls
3 Morgul hunters
9 Uruk hai

We played the scenario on a board 112 cm x 112 cm. At this stage Osgiliath is a battered and crumbling wreck of a city with many ruins.

Initial deployment
The good player deploys half of his force within 28 cm from the board edge. The Evil player then deploys half of his soldiers within 28 cm from the opposite board edge. The remaining  forces are held to one side and may be available for deployment later on in the game. At the end of each player's move phase, after all models have been moved, players must roll a dice for each model not yet on the gaming table to determine if they have yet arrived (1-2 the model is delayed and does not enter; 3 the model moves onto the table from any points of either side table edge; 4 the model moves onto the table from any point of either side table edge; 5-6 the model moves onto the table from the controlling player's table edge).

The two forces are attempting to secure the area of Osgiliath that is a strategic point for both forces. The Evil and the Good players have to put on the table 2 markers each. At the end of the battle a player controls a marker if he has more models than the enemy within 8 cm.
The game ends when one of the forces has been reduced to half its original number.
Secondary objective for the Good, to send Frodo and Sam into the well on the center of the table.

Unfortunately I couldn't to play the game for all turns so I try to comment with the pictures a quick battle report.

Starting forces

We deployed half forces on the left and the remaining on the right. On contrary our adversary decided to put all Trolls and Gothmog's force on his right and the other Mordor orcs on the left

All forces are moving to the center of the table

A global view of the battle ... the troll in the center has just received two arrows but he is still alive

Sam and Frodo protected by veterans tried to enter into the well ... 

... but the Nazgul has not intention to help them 

Some pictures of the table centre

and another overview of the battle

On the Good left side we blocked the enemies while we our archers can to block the Nazgul

the second troll attacks on the right with Mordor forces

... the fight continues

A further battle overview

At the center the fight is coming hard

and the forces are decreasing

The final score was a draw. Frodo enters into the well (using the power of the ring) while the remaining Good troops take one target. The Evil takes two targets ... the third is controlled from a Mordor orc but, during the last turn, he decides to go back to Sauron ... to be killed I suppose.

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