martedì 2 dicembre 2014

Projects and year end

At the beginning of previous year I decided to start two projects:  a late imperial roman army (in 15 mm) and some miniatures for French-Indian wars.

I finished the Roman army in March, in time for Dbmm Turin tournament even if unfortunately I could not take part to it.

I'm continuing to paint La Sarre Regiment but I haven't finished yet. At the moment I finished a group of courriers de bois and the great part of the Indians but I had to postpone them for some other projects partially due to next year club events. 

Furthermore in the last months my "painting productions" has seen a drastically reduction due to my work.

During last Turin GT14 I took some pictures of my miniaturs 

A couple of courriers de bois involved in a hunting party ...

... some images of Second Batavian Cohort ...

... and finally the army I have to finish: SAGA milites christi

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