lunedì 29 dicembre 2014

Conversions & Tests

A couple of months ago I got back into an old project ... Roman miniatures in 28mm. Years ago I bought  some boxes of warlord Romans appropriate for Trajan period but, my dream remains the late imperial Roman (if possible of the east part of the Empire).

Unfortunately there are no plastic miniatures available for this period so I had a strange idea. 

With some scraps of warlord pretorians and auxiliaries I modified some plastic Gripping Beast miniatures.

The helmet is a Warlord auxiliary head modified, while the body is a dark age Gripping Beast warrior.

With the appropriate shields pattern they could be confused for Goths or other late Roman auxiliaries.

I converted also some Gripping Beast vikings to create an hypothetical late imperial unit

The miniatures are Gripping Beast vikings with a crest of a Warlord praetorian. They are only a preparatory study but they seem not so bad.

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  1. A very nice idea - and the minis are superb! Congratulations!