domenica 13 novembre 2016

TMWWBK Nov, 13 2016

Yesterday I played for the first time "The men who would be Kings" (for the friends TMWWBK ... easy to remember) published by Osprey in September.

I have to point out that all miniatures showed in the photos are painted in a masterly manner by a Ezio M. Below a little anticipation

TMWWBK is a skirmish wargame designed for fighting colonial wars (ie Indian mutiny, Boxer rebellion and so on).  The game system is easy with some improvements (under my point of view) respect Dragon Rampant as the free move or free fire for some type of units. Moreover the commands and the units traits are well designed and help the game to be a very good skirmish. 

The mission was easy: a large mass of Zulu has to attack a small group of Redcoats. Redcoats have to resist for at least five turns and can achieve a further goal if maintain the control of the farm placed on a table side.

The table before the battle

The Zulu force is approacing ... 

Unfortunately a drunken officer leads the first line of the Redcoats

After an attack the English line is disordered ... and destroyed

A second unit of Redcoats tries to resist but it is eliminated

The last resistance: the farm

Final score is a Zulu victory

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  1. Never played Zulu's wars, but this report is very tempting...Beautiful minis (love these wonderful Zulus!) and great report!