martedì 4 luglio 2017

WWII Normandy - Green devils June 2017

During Normandy campaign two German parachute divisions were involved in struggles with Allied troops: the 2nd and the 3rd fallschirmjäger.

I haven't find original photos of Normandy villages with German troops but only with 

The village prepared by my club mates is realistic but with Germans 

The 2nd division was one of the first unit that tried to repel Allied landing during Overlord operation at Carentan. I painted my fallschirmjägers to be adapted to Italian and African conflict theatres so they wear the Luftwaffe tropical uniforms. During Normady campaign they used the Sumpfmuster 44 that was more green than the camo uniforms I painted.

Below some pictures. The first-one shows some members of 2nd German parachute division captured in Normandy. The second photo are my miniatures

The 2nd Division was well equipped with MG42s, panzerfaust and Gewehr 42. In the photos below an example of Gewehr 42 in a real combat and one my miniatures with this rifle while is throwing a granade in a house of a Normandy village

Panzerfaust was a one shot anti-tank weapon that German troops started to use after 1943


During the war a lot of villages (Carenat, Caen etc) were bombarded by the Allies. Below a photo of Carentan wiht members of 101st Aribone and after some of my miniature in a ruined house.

The last two imagines show my miniatures near a Sarissa ltd building prepared by my club mates to be a German HQs

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  1. Wonderful pictures, very atmospheric!

  2. Wow! that's a cracking looking set up! The plastic figures seem to match nicely with the metals. I may have to add some.

    1. Thanks Yes plastic and metal Warlords miniatures have the same scale

  3. Woooow! Wonderful and atmospheric entry!
    Excellent use of figurines and terrain based on pictures.