venerdì 1 settembre 2017

La Piccola Armata - July/August acitivies

During July and August our club continued with battles, games, playtest and the testing of new rule books.

Below some pictures  ... 
Lion Rampart with the Crusaders painted by Ivano

Saga with a force of Normans (painted by Flavio) against the Byzantines (painted by Riccardo)

Victory at sea with some of Ezio's miniatures (painted by Marco C)

The playtests of ACW battles using the rule system wrote by our club member Paolo

But to play it is only a little part of our activities ... 
Thanks to Riccardo and Flavio the scenic elements increase

Maurizio prepares new battalions for Italian Independence wars

Ivano paints Italians ready for TMWWBK

Carlo increases the troops of zombies for Maurizio's scenarios ...

... while I try to complete my ww2 project even if I stayed for a some weeks on holiday

10 commenti:

  1. Excellent recap of club activities. I really like the painting on the Italian office firing handgun. Who make that figure?

    1. The min is a castaway miniatures. It is an Australian miniatures manufacturer

  2. Wonderful, so many beautiful things here, love the scenic elements and the Lion Rampart's pictures...

  3. You have been busy ! I really like the scenic elements

  4. Ma, ma, ma ci sono anche io con gli Zombies !! Ma grazie !!!!