martedì 26 settembre 2017

Rommel playtest - Sept 23, 2017

Last Saturday some of my club mates organized a first playtest to Rommel, the latest rules system published by Sam Mustafa. Unfortunately I couldn't take part to the battle but it will be for the next time.

Rommel is a game able to re-create great battles for European and Mediterranean  theatres of the Ww2. The players can command a division or a corp. It is not necessary to have a ruler, the table is divided into squares in which different units can be deployed. For this game Ezio (who organized the play test and prepared the table) used simple pins.

Below some pictures of the table (180 cm x 120 cm) ... 

... and a detail of the squares (15 cm x 15 cm)

Miniatures are 15 mm and are painted by Riccardo (the Italians), Luca (the Germans) and Ezio (the 8th Army)
There are no specific rules for miniature bases. Ezio modified some photos to explain better the solutions we adopted.

My clus mates decided to play an introductive scenario that it is possible to download free from Sam Mustafa's web site: operation Brevity 

Brevity was a limited offensive conducted by British troops in mid-May 1941 to attack the weak Axis forces in the Sollum-Bardia area.

It was our first club match.  The rule system is simple and easy to play.  You have to manage your army/division/corp/company using a pool of dices able to reproduce  events and troop movements for offensive and/or defensive tactics.

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