mercoledì 27 dicembre 2017

Ruinded city scenario ... work in progress

In the last months, Flavio and Maurizio worked hard to create building, ruins etc fit to recreate a ruined city.

They inspire their work to Berlin, Stalingrad and other cities that, during the Ww2, suffered significantly of the war.


Below some imagines of the buildings created by Flavio …

… and a sample of the others scenographic elements created by Maurizio

Last Saturday Maurizio completed the street lamps and so they decided to prepare a table to understand what they have to create further. I cannot resist to take some pictures.

In this weeks, I’m preparing some 1/72 Italeri miniatures dressed with winter uniforms, with the English column kindly borrowed me by Ezio, I took some pictures
Fightings house by house

The English column is approaching but …

… some German soldiers are wainting him

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