sabato 30 dicembre 2017

TMWWBK – December, 23 2017

Before Christmas Ezio organized a battle using TMWWBK  and miniatures of the french indians wars. It is not the right period for this game system but he adapted a bit the rules and so they played a game.

We prepared a lot of miniatures for French-Indian wars and it will be a waste not to use them ... unfortunately I was on holiday that day so I couldn't play ... it will be for the next time.

The scenario was: Springs 1755, Ohio valley.  Bands of indians and their French allies continue raids against American villages and the troops of his Majesty have to defend them.

Miniatures are 28mm and are painted  by: Ezio, Riccardo, Maurizio, Giancarlo, Flavio, Marco T. and Alberto M.
For the game they prepared: 8 French and Indians units (96 miniatures) and 10 English-Militia companies (120 miniatures).

Nine players played the game (4 for the Frenches and 5 for the Crown). The objects were simple: the indians had to burn (at least) five houses while the troops of the Crown had to avoid it. Below some pictures of the game and a kind of battle report

Local militia are ready for Indians marauders ...

... while Indians, with their French allies, are approaching

Indians spread into the village and militia is not able to defend all the houses ...

... but reinforcement are on the road

and the fight continues house to house 

My mates played the battle twice. The first time was an English victory while in the second one the Indians sack the village.

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