mercoledì 8 maggio 2019

SAGA Age of Magic

SAGA - Age of Magic is arrived into the Italian wargame shops only last week but in my association (La Piccola Armata) we are just testing it

Why not to start with a classic ... Who will conquest the tower?

... of course the player with the Panda monster has certain advantages

But why not to play also some classic SAGA matches 

Pagan Rus vs Pagan Rus

Some Pelegrins and some Crusaders try to conquest the Holy land 

while the San Lazarus Mauri's knights defend their territories from a Mongol horde

4 commenti:

  1. and how would you rate the "magic" version?

    1. I have not played it. My friends told me that there are more combinations respect the "normal" version and it seems run in a good way but they played only some matches and not with all the factions available. They are preparing the miniatures