sabato 19 ottobre 2019

Double line October 2019 play test

After publishing their book on Castelfidardo battle Paolo, Alberto and my club mates continue with their play test to create a new rules set of ACW period.

The wargame wrote by Paolo is a collaborative wargame designed to let a group of person to play an Acw game at divisional level. 

Every General (or CiC), after reading the scenario objectives, must create a strategy with his Sub commanders and to give them his orders. For example … if the objective is to take the control of an hill … the Cic gives to the his subordinate the order to “reach and conquest the hill in 3 turns. Starting from 4th turn you must wait other orders”. The problem is that the sub commander must execute the order even if he can see the other sub commanders are in trouble. The CiC can change the initial orders to his subordinates only during the battle and he cannot be sure that the new orders reach the Sub commander every times.

It is difficult to explain … easier to play … but the idea is to recreate the mess that during the American civil wars, General's orders sometimes created.

In the last year … my club mates painted a great number of miniatures to test the rules they wrote at the best

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