sabato 5 ottobre 2019

The corner of the painter – SAGA The Age of Magic- Oct 2019

As I wrote in previous posts, in the last months my club mate Maurizio worked on his new army for SAGA Magic. Last week he brought the miniatures to the club to show his work and I couldn't resist to take them some photos.

I have to admit that Maurizio is not only a great painter but he has also an imagination that permit him to create “the miniatures that you don’t aspect”
For example the conversion of Warhammer barbarians in “The KIϟϟ warband”

But SAGA is written to merge the fantasy with the historical miniatures so ... why not to believe in a strange alliance between Late Roman soldiers and the new Barbarians?

I painted only the Roman miniatures and I'm a bit embarrassed to put them together with Maurizio's masterpieces but they were the only figures I had in the club that day …

Below a group of milites against a Maurizio's monster ... 

... and another one that is trying to defend himself from a dire wolf's claws

Maurizio painted some "old" Chaos knights and ...

... some Warhammer beastmen using his great painting style

But a fantasy army must have his Champions

And to conclude the post the Titans clash

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