sabato 12 ottobre 2019

German Chaplain and Medical personnel - Bolt Action - Oct 2019

Time ago I bought some 20mm medical personnel miniatures. 

Sometimes I take models because I imagine in what way I can paint them and in this case I decided to use the two group of miniatures for two different roles.
The models I bought are some 20mm Zvezda miniatures

I decided to modified the first miniature (in the photo above) to obtain a German chaplain. I have not find original colorized photo but only this dummy of a Sixth Army so ...

... I changed the head of the two miniatures and eliminate the rifle ... 

... for Bolt Action the Chaplain is a non-combat unit that can remove 1 pin from the other ones and it is a model I can deploy sometimes.

I've kept the miniatures of the medical personnel  unaltered 

The medic is another model with a good game balance that can save casualties from the enemy fire

I had some pieces that I didn't use ... a panzerschreck of a Plastic Soldier blister ... an arm of a Preiser miniature... the body of another Zvezda miniature set ... I used all these items and now I have a new miniature carrying an AT gun

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