venerdì 22 novembre 2019

SAGA tournament Empoli – BOLT tournament Turin, Oct 16 and 17 2019

Last week end was  full of activities for my club. Some of my mates took part to Empoli’s SAGA tournament while another group organized four tables for a quick Bolt Action competition.

The Empoli SAGA tournament was part of Empoli Games 2019. An Italian event dedicated not only to the Studio Tomahawk rule system but also to boardgames

The events was a success for my club because Aurelian won the first place and the gold medal for the best army painted. All the other my mates were within the first ten positions with: fifth (Arnauld), sixth (Giancarlo) and seventh (Riccardo)

In the same moment in which my friends won in Empoli, Antonio organized with other three local clubs a Bolt Action tournament. The idea was to create a training event to see in what way to organize the event planned for February in which La Piccola Armata will host the Italian Bolt Championship tour

Also this event saw my friends in good position with: Eugenio (first), Antonio (second) and Enzo (third)

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