sabato 16 novembre 2019

Rapid Fire: Alberto’s eastern front scenario (Ogledow 1944), Oct 26, 2019

At the end of October Alberto and Ezio prepared a ww2 scenario related to the eastern front (Ogledow 1944). The scenario's objective was easy ... to take the control of a little Polish village in the middle of the table but the quantity of vehicles and miniatures were significant.

Alberto, Ezio and Flavio lead the Soviet army while Luca and Maurizio the Battlegroup Panzergrenadier forces

I have to admit that I could not participated to this match but … considering the high quality of Alberto's miniatures painting … I try to be present (even if only for a while) and I took some photos

Generally I don’t like to modified the picts I taken but in this situation I think that to do this increase their effects

I have not prepared a real battle report because I could not participate to all the game so I share with you some moments of the battle.

Some German pioneers exploring the battle field ...

... waiting for the arrive of the Volkgranadiers

An MMG and a panzerschreck teams are taking position

But Soviet forces are closer than the Germans can expect … below some Soviet reconnaissance team are studying the enemy’s movements…

… while a column of tanks is marching towards the Polish village

But also the Germans are ready with their heavy tanks that are advancing

At the end the Soviet start their advance and occupy for first the village

But the German reaction is not long to come and, even if they suffer some casualties, they won the game

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