sabato 31 luglio 2021

Eutaw Springs battle - Black Powder July 17, 2021

Italian Peter Dennis paper boys are back in action. This month Ezio, Alberto and Federico decided to play scenario with they paper miniatures using Black Powder set rules.

The battle they played is Eutaw Springs. A battle of American Revolution War fought in early 1781. The large table prepared by my mates is 240 long  by 180 cm wide.

They found the scenario into “Rebellion” one of the best supplement wrote for this period

This battle was part of the Green's campaing. After the battle of Guilford Courthouse, British army under General Cornwallis had retured to the Virginia coast to be rested and reinforced at Yorktown. The Armerican General Greene did not pursue them and decided to re capture the Carolinas from the Crown. In September, Green found the English commander, Lieutenent-Colonel Steward with 2,000 of his men camped not far from Charleston and decided to attack them. Apprised that Green was approaching him, the Colonel elected to stand and fight.

The red-coats deployed in a single line with the British on the right and left, and the Loyalist in the centre. Green arrived in three lines. Militia and light troops first followed by Continenal brigades.

During the battle the American forces pressed the English troops thar were foced to fled. Unfortunately Green units lost the momentum going to the camp to pillage and loot it. Steward reformed his men and launghed a new attack.

The scenario is studied for 12 turns and every commanders must destroy the enemy or, at the end, the Army that eliminated more Brigades will win.

Eutaw Springs had little effect on the outcome oft he war but it was particulary bloody. At the end oft he day both sides claimed the victory.

In our battle, at the end, the Americans win after 12 very hard turns.

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  1. Ah - missed this one last year. Yes, looks very good and great to see the AWI Paperboys in action again!