lunedì 5 luglio 2021

M&TII and Rebel and Patriot July 3, 2021

After a very long period I write again a post ... My club opened again two weeks ago after seven months of pause due to Covid emergency. 

My mates last weekend played two matches with the French-Indian wars as scenario.

In the morning they played using Rebel and Patriot while in the afternoon other two of my friends decided for M&TII.

Below some pics of the scenario ... Indian houses and English units are painted by Ezio while French forces are a Jimmy's work.

During the Covid quarantine some of my friends worked on new scenic elements that now we decided to use them

Rogers' rangers are the last unit I painted last week end. I have to admit that French-Indian conflicts and American Revolution are a very interesting period with a lot colored and different type of miniatures to paint. I painted also for the AIW some minis ...

... but now other pics of the miniatures used by friends for the battle

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