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Battle of Lake George - Camp Attack - May 14, 2022

Last Saturday my mates Ezio and Jimmy dedided to play an historical scenario using Rebels and Patriots printed by Osprey.

It was a battle fought during French-Indian wars in September 8, 1755. The battle was set in the north of New York province and it was part of a the British campaign to expel the French forces from North America.

This is the battle field my friends prepared ... 

... this is the picture that inspired them

A French, Canadian and Indian of 1,582 men under the command of the Baron de Dieskau attacked 2,932 men including 200 Mohawks under Major General William Johnson.

General Johnson with his forces advance via Lake George and Lake Campalain against the French Fort St. Frederic. Johnson, camped 25 km north to Fort Edward (an English fort), sent a messager to Fort Edward garrison to ask reinforcement  ... unfortunately the messager was intercepted and in this way the French commander obtained the position of enemies.

On September 8, William's column marched directly straight into the trap prepared by Baron de Dieskau. It was knonw as the "Bloody Morning Scout". After a short battle the English were forced to come back to their camp.

My mates decided to play the assault to Johnson's camp. 

After the success of the first attack Dieskau ordered to his Canadians and Indians to charge the enemy till the camp. Unfotunately the Indians and the Canadians, shaken by the loss of their leader during the fight before, attacked the camp without energy so the French commander formed a column of 222 grenadiers directly against Johnson's camp.

The English forces hurriedly constructed defensive barricates using wagons, overturned boats and trees. 

Once the grenadiers were out in the open ground the British gunners crewing Johnson's three cannond loaded them with grapeshot cutting the French ranks.

Baron de Dieskau was hit by the cannons and died during the fight. After the dead of the Baron and the  loss of the Canadian leader in the previously fight, French were forced to retire. 

In our battle the cannon was destroyed by the Indians ...

... that in this opened the way to the Canadians

After a long fight the English troops pushed away the enemy and won the battle

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