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Medusa Operation Sept 2-17 2006 Test - June 11, 2022

I've just finished to read a very interesting book written by Rusty Bradley and Kevin Maurer about Medusa Operation. 

It was part of a American-Canadian offensive that took place during the Afghanistan war.
It was an ISAF operation ... one of the largest.
Its goal was to establish government control over Kandahar Province. The book tells about Usa special forces activities supported by some Afghans forces.

Based on the initial plans the Usa special forces actions should have played a "secondary" role but ... at the end we took a very important for the success of the mission.
At the and it was a "tactical victory" for ISAF forces. I decided to write an article for the Italian wargame magazine "Dadi e Piombo" so I decided to take some pics and to test the terrains before to define with my mates the scenario.

All miniatures are 20mm painted by me. Manufacturer is Caesar miniatures.
Below the CAS in action

Canadians on route for their targets

Street fighting 

Taliban forces

USA special forces in action

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