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My British Army - Part 1 Infantry

Logical consequence of my decision to paint a Napoleonic French Army is to prepare a British Army. Also in this case my Army is composed by around 250 miniatures. The English are painted with uniforms and shakos   typically of 1814-15 period.

The British infantry during Napoleonic wars was formed by Guard, Foot, Light, Highland and Rifle regiments.  A regiment was generally composed by two or three  battalions. A battalion was ten companies with, at least, one company of grenadiers and another one of light.

I started with two large highlander battalions because to reproduce kilt colors schemes was as a kind of defiance for me.
My highlanders are: 42nd  the Black Watch and 92nd the Gordon

The 42nd was enlisted in 1743 and fought in many English campaigns: Ireland (battle of Culloden); French Indian wars (second battle of Ticonderoga), Egypt (battle of Alexandria), peninsular and 100 days.
As part of 9th Brigade commanded by General Pack they were involved in the chaotic struggles as Quatre Bras and Waterloo.

Another famous highland regiment was the Gordon. On June, 16 1815 they defended the disputed crossroads of Quatre Bras and two days later the 92nd charged French columns in Waterloo battle.

Thanks to Cornwell’s books,  I became to keen on Green Jacket history and I discovered that their creation and their tactics were  … specials. They was formed by an idea of Colonel Manningham in 1800 and named “Experimental Corps”. They were the first British unit with a kind of mimetic uniform … obviously green … and armed with Baker rifle that included a 21 inch sword bayonet. Their combat tactics were not very orthodox for the time as well as their training.  The riflemen were trained to work in open order and to operate in pairs ahead of the main infantry, which were bunched in close formations. They were taught to make best use of natural cover and to harass the enemy with aimed shots.
I painted the 95th and the 60th.
The  95th  is organized in eight bases but I prepared both 95th and 60th as single miniatures too. Some miniatures are Perry other-ones Victrix gunner conversions.

The soldier in the center is Albion Triumphant vol 2 special miniatures … an Ezio’s gift … I hope I painted it well
Some 95th battalions went onto fight at the Quatre Bras and Waterloo battle. Unfortunately in June 1815 the 60th was already come back to America for garrison duties.

Other regiments I prepared are: the 33rd, the 67th and the 29th Foot. All these military units fought at Waterloo. 

A special mention for the 33rd Foot: it was formed in 1702 and was the first regiments that a young Arthur Wesley commanded in 1794.

Using Victrix artillery boxes I painted a two gun batteries. 

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