venerdì 10 febbraio 2017

Double Line Feb, 2 2017 – Play test

Last week I played with Paolo M. a playtest of his ACW rule system. I played with this rule system two years ago and, during the long pause, Paolo and the other club members improved the mechanisms. 

I must anticipate that the rule system was created for a multiplayer game. Last week, we tested (for the second time) the mechanisms for a struggle between two players. We played 12 turns and it took us around 3 hours.
It is necessary to consider that I was rusty and so a player more skilled could close it in less time but Paolo was satisfied so ... he is the creator. Furthermore the units to lead were more than in a normal game because the scenario was a playtest.

The set is a custom scenario in which an initial Confederate force must protect a crossroad. The table is a regular 120x180 cm with a small stream in the middle.
Union forces:
1st division 2 brigades plus artillery support (immediately deployed)
2nd division 2 brigades plus artillery support (arrives during the five turn)
Cavalry brigade 3 units (arrives during the second turn)
Confederate forces:
1st division composed by five brigades:
                Artillery brigade (arrives after the first turn)
                Cavalry brigade 3 units (immediately deployed)
                1st brigade (immediately deployed)
                2nd brigade (arrives during the third turn)
                3rd brigade (arrives during the fourth turn)
I played as Union commander.

Initial deployment

The right wing of the Union is on march. On the opposite front the Confederate dismounted cavalry take his position

Second turn. The marches continue

During third turn, my cavalry arrives and the artillery creates a hole into the enemy line

On the right the cavalry supported by a couple of brigades try to outflank the Confederates

The reinforcements arrive for each player. On the right the Confederates fill the hole while on the right their artillery bombards hard my new division

With my units I push towards the center ... 

... in the meanwhile, on the right, my outflanking maneuver is clogged up

At the 12th turn my units are close to the crossroad but their efforts are not sufficient

 Confederate victory

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