lunedì 27 febbraio 2017

Milano Wargame 2017 - Feb, 26 2017

Last week we took part to Milano wargame exhibition. 

Our club presented a scenario of the Italian independence wars: a part of Palestro Battle. The exhibition was also the opportunity to promote the Paolo’s rule systems: Garibaldi all’attacco!

Below a couple of photos of our table during the set up phase

Other details of our table

A view of Mentana battle - Italian Independence wars (1867, scale 15mm, GMBS Faenza, rule system L’Italia s’è desta)

The Old windmill – ACW (scale 28mm, Grande Armeé Parma, rule system Shell for Guns)

Staffarda battle  – Nine year’s war (1860, scale 28 mm, Garibaldi Club Genova, rule system Baroque). A beautiful scenario prepared by the Genoa club with a great work of research

Quatre Bras – 100 days campaign (1815, scale 28mm, Legends Lounge Milano, display game)

Arsuf Battle – 3rd crusade (1191, scale 15mm, Wargames Club Lecco, home rules). A great table with a perfect heraldic recreation

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