domenica 14 maggio 2017

Warlord Games Fallschirmjäger - How it made

I’ve not forgotten that I have to finish my last Modern Army (the Americans) but, in the last months, my club mates stated to play with WWII 28 mm miniatures so I painted some Fallschirmjäger companies as samples.
The idea is to use German paratroopers for Mediteranean theatre conflict. In this way we can use them for both Italian and African conflicts.

This time I took some pictures during the preparation of the miniatures. Generally, I use a mix of Vallejo and Gamesworkshop colors to paint them. I started to take photos after the boring work to remove the bits of plastic that the figures have after they are removed from the mold. 

Below some photos of the first stage: only acrylic colors after to prime the miniature with black color

The second stage is to wash the miniatures with Gamesworshop shades, in this case, a mix of Agrax and Nuln Oil.

The third stage is to paint figures details: eyes, camouflage scheme, hands and so on with a fine brush. This is the part I prefer

In this case the miniature is an Oberfeldwebel, this figure was part of PAK-40 team but he decided to promote him as NCO.  I decided also to paint his fliegermütze with a light white because I imagined him as a veteran of African front

Last stage … to play

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